Day 1: Departure

What can I say about today? Well it's been a crazy day so far. As per usual I woke up rather early again and for once had a pretty good nights sleep. I'll be honest that that shocked my a little, I would've imagined to sleep terrible this night. Anyway, I woke up with mixed feelings. I was excited but also felt rather sad. On one hand I was excited about what was to come, but on the other I didn't feel good about leaving my parents behind.

My mother has had the worst sleep of us three. She has been worried about me leaving and if everything is going to be alright. I fully understand it, I am the third to leave for a distant place. But I don't want her to worry. Something I can say, but she will worry anyway.

Around 10.30 it would be best just to leave. Something that was a lot harder then you could imagine. Even though we didn't want to cry about this it still happened. Seeing my mom cry made me cry. I think I've got this emotional side from her. I gave my parents a big hug and left for what now feels like one of the hardest things I'll do in my life.

The first day of my journey is probably the one I was looking forward to the least. I was going to be stuck in Flevoland (the province I lived in) all day. It's just not that interesting, most of it is farmland. With some man made small forests. Overall I don't really have a whole lot to say about my first day on the bicycle. Other then these first 70kms being pretty hard, but I am glad that I've finally started.

Tonight I will be staying at a campsite just outside of Genemuiden. It's probably not the best first site to stay at, but to be honest I don't really mind. It's next to a rather busy road, but once I lie down I will probably to tired to even care about it. For now this will do and all I will do from now is relax and eat my dinner.

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