Day 1: short ride to Renswoude

zaterdag 03 juli 2021, Barneveld, Nederland

After a horrible nights sleep the day of my first solo cycling holiday has finally arrived. I've been awake for most of the night thinking of what I might have forgotten to pack the evening before and if everything will go alright.

Today will be one of the shortest rides of my holiday, little over 50kms just to get a feeling for the weight and handling of a packed bicycle again. I had to tell myself to have a couple of short days at the beginning of my trip. I load up my bicycle with my bags and try to load my route on my garmin just to see that my garmin can't load the routes (a 500km+ route seems to be to much). I run to my room hop on the pc and divide my 4 routes into smaller parts. Now my garmin does work and I am good to go. I say goodbye to the cats and I'm gone.

This will probably be the most boring part of my holiday. I've seen this part so many times before that I lost all interest in it. First I'll ride towards the stichtse brug, go underneath it and ride all the way to the Nijkerkerksluis. Cross that and drive through Nijkerk, towards Barneveld and after that Allure the Lucht (where my parents are staying). Tomorrow will be more fun. But for now this will have to do.

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