Day 2 & 3: bad planning

Planning, probably the thing I am worst at. Last year I thought I had planned a 7 day trip and during said trip I found out the hard way it was only 6. I managed to fix this error, but these kind of things happen to me often.

After yesterdays ride I finished my day at the campsite at Genemuiden and I hoped to be tired enough to have a good nights sleep. Well I was tired enough but seems that the people using the road next to the campsite weren't. It was such a bad night, loads of cars and trucks made sleeping pretty difficult. Around 6.30 I couldn't manage to sleep any longer, but it was also to early to actually get out of bed. So I instead opted to just lie there and read a bit.

3 hours later I was ready to set off again. Before I left I talked with an older Gentleman who has been to the Nordcap on a bicycle aswell. Overall a short but nice conversation. Today would take me through some very nice place in the Netherlands. The Weerribben-Wieden would be the first part. It was really calm and peacefull over there. There should be otters in that area, but sadly enough I haven't spotted any. It also took me through a small village with the these very small bridges that did stress me out a little.

This day brought me through some very nice parks and a military base. I wish I took some pictures of the stuff inside of the base, but I wasn't sure if they would be to happy about that. So instead I opted to just look at what I saw. Including the new trucks that they had gotten I also spot a armored vehicle. You don't see those everyday. At some point had to turn right, pretty much into a shooting range that was also open to the public. This was a bit akward to me, but as long as they hadn't put up any red flags you were good to proceed on the path.

From one park I drove into the next one. Open fields and a lot of trees, but especially the lack of car sounds around me made this a very pleseant ride. I took a longer lunch break just to get a proper rest. And at that point I should've probably started looking into finding a campsite to stay at. Because a little later I noticed that I was actually to tired to keep on going for much longer. I had planned my next stay a bit to far ahead. So after an hour of riding on and having passed a campsite of which I still think it was open I opted to look into finding a campsite on google maps. Everything was closed. Morale was low and I just had the hardest time with going on any further. But I had little choice but to opt for the campsite had planned out when I was still at home. A ride that probably should've ended at 60 km's kept going on for little over 82. The payout was somewhat worth it though, I was rewarded with a warm shower and a, be it a little expensive, good looking campsite. That evening I fell asleep at 20.30 and had a better sleep then the night before.

The next morning I woke up way to early again. 6 in the morning and it was still very dark. The last 2 days I've been struggling a lot with my mental health, something that I probably should've seen coming. But I choose to ignore before I set off on my trip. And I'll be totally honest that I am not prepared to keep going on to go over the German border the way I am feeling now. Even though I felt this way in the morning I choose to ignore it for now and just go on.

Most of my ride that day I wasn't fully aware of my surroundings. I was mostly just overthinking what I was currently doing. I've been living towards this point of my life for a pretty long time now. And now that it is here I am not sure about it anymore. Some might call my following decision stupid, but I have to be honest to myself here and say to myself that I am not ready for this yet. I am not returning home, but I am going to ride around the Netherlands for a while. Mostly to get used to being alone for longer times. And when I feel that I am ready I will retry this or go a different way. I feel happy with this decision for now. So for now this trip is on ice, but what I will be doing for now will also be written about.

I once again had a lot of trouble finding a campsite, now that I wasn't going into Germany I had to find one in the Netherlands again. Atleast it was a little easier then the day before. I called them to make sure they were open. Well they were, but they owners were currently not there yet, but I was free to put my tent up and pay when they arrived. Really nice people. Camping de Bronze Eik, honestly a very well located campsite between some forests. This evening I prepared a bag of knorr pasta with some added paprika. Easy and I think good for you, correct me if I'm wrong. After dinner and cleaning my dishes I went for a walk in the forest and call my mom. During the walk I got suprised by 1 deer crossing my path, another one running away on the left of me. 3 more in the field ahead of me and to top it all of, 1 more about 10 meters away from me staring into my eyes. What started of as a pretty bad day ended really well if you ask me.

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