Day 2: Gennep

zondag 04 juli 2021, Gennep, Nederland

I've met the most aggresive mosquito known to mankind this night. I don't know what I did to him, but he sure as hell hates me. There are bites all over my arms and legs, to many to count. Other then this encounter the night was pretty good, I just seem to sleep better in a tent.

I departed from Renswoude at around 10.30 and was going further south towards Limburg. The first part of my ride, about 20 kilometers, was known terrain. It might have been known terrain, but knowing I would go further away from Almere made it a lot better.

My first stop would be in wageningen so I could take the ferry across the Nederrijn. I paid the lady a euro and 10 cents. The ride was a bit bumpy but fun. Once on the other side of the river I overtake the other cyclist so I can get over the steep bit on to the normal road again. We are back in the Betuwe, last time I was here I didn't really enjoy it. This time I had a tailwind and was able to get across it really quickly. I soon reach the Waal and I am going over the bridge to get across it. I stop halfway the bridge to take a picture. At the other side of the bridge I see another cycle tourist coming my way, the first one of my trip, as I come closer to him I get ready to greet him. As I get close enough I see a guy who is having no fun, he has the biggest frown on his face. And instead of greeting him with a hello, I opt for the more casual raising ones fingers to say hi.

After a while I get to Nijmegen, the last time I was here I got there on a different road. This time I approached it from the west. What I thought would be a boring route, turned out to be a good decision on making my route go through this part of Nijmegen. I crossed another river and found myself in Goffertpark shorty afterwards. It didn't last long, but was a beautifull road surrounded by trees.

Leaving Nijmegen takes you through the woods with some small climbs. It's a bit of a challenge but I don't mind. This is what I've been looking forward to. Some climbs late and I am greated with a sign: De Limburgers heten u welkom! (The Limburgers welcome you). This means that I am nearing my destination of today. But not before we climb another small hill.

When I get closer to Gennep I notice the sky getting darker. There's rain coming and most likely a lot of it. I check the route to see where the campsite is. Not much farther, about 4 to 5 kms. I up my pace and soon arrive at the campsite. It's locate at a small lake. I wanted to film myself setting up the tent but knowing that it will rain soon I put this idea aside for now. 15 minutes later my tent is ready to go and I decide to take shower. Less then 10 minutes later I am outside again to see that it started raining. Perfect timing!

The rest of the afternoon and evening is filled with me doing some light reading and watching some Big Bang Theory (yes I like it). I had to wait for the rain to stop to make myself some dinner. Tomorrow I will go towards the German border near Roermond.

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