Day 3: Rainy day towards Rimburg

maandag 05 juli 2021, Landgraaf, Nederland

It' been raining most of the night, as I wake up it seems to have stopped. My legs and arms are itching and I notice some more red bumps on my arms. I might have a problem with some insect housing in my sleeping bag. It's hardly used and already giving me a headache. My mother advises me to wash it in a washing machine. As I can't access the one at the campsite I'm currently at I plan to just head out to another campsite that's on my route.

I pack up a very wet tent, as drying it is impossible at the moment. The ground is wet, the sun is nowhere to be seen and I just want to head on out. An hour later and I am totally ready to go. So was the sky, it started raining lightly as I left the campsite. Most of the day I would be following the Maas. The last time I was here I took the ferry multiple times. This time I would be staying on the same side.

Up untill Arcen nothing interesting happened except for rain, wind and a closed of road (which actually made me go on a more pleasant road to ride on). A couple of months ago I tried to go to a bakery in Arcen, the building itself looks like the have the best bread in the land, but all they had for me back the was a sign that they weren't open yet. So I tried my luck this time, just to be dissapointed again. It even looked like they were out of business now. So much for a bit of happiness on the road.

Leaving Arcen took me over the Leeremarksche heide and the Lommerheide. I was so close to the German border now. After driving past a body of water called "zwart water" I entered Venlo. Something I wasn't really looking forward to, since I just gotten out of a forest. Once again I had the Maas on my right. Although it wasn't for long. I left the Maas behind me and was going for a very short border crossing, well it would've been short if there wasn't a climb on a very bad road. It had loads of loose small rocks and I had some trouble find my grip, but I pushed through and managed to get on top of the hill. I was in Germany, I didn't know it back then. If it wasn't for a sign that was in German, I would've probably never known. 5 minutes later I was back in the Netherlands.

I wouldn't be in the Netherlands for long. After passing through Herkenbosch and Vlodrop I would once again be in Germany. At this point I had been free of the rain for more then an hour. Not even 10 minutes into Germany and it all started again. This time a lot harder the before, I had to put on my rain gear to be able to continue. I had gotten to Heinsberg, the first bigger town I would go through. I would have to go to Geilenkirchen from here. To road there was the most boring road I have travelled all day. I drove on the cyclepath and had cars driving past me on my right at high speeds for 8kms. You can imagine how happy I was to turn away from this road.

In Geilenkirchen I had some small climbs to look forward to, nothing to tough. There is a river called "Wurm" running through it and it has a cyclepath next to it, and I had to be on that path. I was following the river upstream giving me a good look of the stream. Soon I would be at the border again and very close to my campsite of the day. Rimburg came in sight and there was just one more challenge left. There was a sign saying that you can't reach the campsite by car on this road. Technically speaking it should be doable by bicycle. So I went uphill and soon found out why it isn't possible for a car. The road ahead was mostly broken, due to all the water most of the road was gone. But me being a bit stubborn I decided that I could push my bicycle. Not a great decision looking back at it now, the surface was really wet and a bit slippery. But alas, I am fine and I got up that hill. And there was my campsite for the night and my oppurtunity to wash my sleeping bag.

Tomorrow I am going on the Vennbahnweg, it's an old railroad that they turned into a long cyclepath going though Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg.

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