Day 4: New plan

It froze tonight, how do I know this? Well for one the grass had this thin layer of frost in the morning and my feet were really cold around 12. I normally sleep in just a boxershort, but my socks were quickly added to my sleeping garments. I kind of worried that this would be another bad night, but turns out I actually slept really well. I managed to somehow sleep untill 7.30.

The evening before I planned my next day, which was still a bit of a problem. I tried to book a campsite 60kms away from where I was. There was no indication of them being closed. So I made a route to this campsite for the next day and hoped for the best. I left the campsite at 10.30 with a tailwind to my next destination. And if it wasn't for that tailwind the first 25 kms would have been really difficult. Between Sellingen and just before Emmen there was hardly anything intresting to see. Except for a windmill built around 1600, that is supposed to be one of the oldest windmills in the Netherlands. Looks pretty good for something that old.

When I reached Ter Apel it was nearly time for some lunch, I did still have some food left in my bags but actually felt like getting something from a bakery. I got myself 2 apple flaps (there doesn't seem to be a propper word for this) and sat down a kilometer later to eat them, and at that time I just tried calling the campsite I was supposed to go to that day. Well it turns out they were open but not for people who came to camp in a tent. So after some searching I found a new campsite, but that also ment I had to ride further then I would've wanted to. I would've to deal with it, there weren't any other options. Just before Emmen i turn left and find myself in a forest. I didn't expect there to be a forest, I would've known if I had taken my time looking at my route before leaving. So this came to me a quite the suprise, in this forest there were some burial mounds. If there wasn't a sign saying that they were, I would've just ignored them. I decided to not make a picture because there just wasn't that much to see. A little further ahead in the same forest there was this large Hunebed (I just don't know the english word). I had seen some small ones two day ago, but this one was rather big.

I never expected Emmen and it's surrounding tobe this green, I really enjoyed my ride there. Once I left Emmen I thought I would be right back into farmland, but no more forests and also a guy with a beer belly in said forest. Yes sadly enough it can't all be good. After Emmen it wasn't all that special, some farmlands here and there. I don't remember anything in particular between Coevorden and Hardenberg. After Hardenberg it did change again, it would be the last 6 kms untill my final destination for the day. At this point I had the Overijselse Vecht on my left, and on my right some open fields. I am not sure how to describe it, but it was just a really nice part to ride through. Except for the occasional e-biker it was really pretty.

Tonight I will be trying to plan ahead for atleast another day. My father has his birthday coming up this sunday I am going to try to be there in Renswoude by then. It should be much of a problem to get there, it's just finding a campsite that might be a bit problematic again. 4 days in the saddle and it felt like sitting on sanding paper today. Can you imagine sitting on sanding paper for 5-6 hours a day? So tomorrow I would like to keep it short, but we'll see how that turns out.

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