Day 4: Vennbahnweg

dinsdag 06 juli 2021, Konzen, Duitsland

I wake up very early, it's a little over 6 in the morning and I can't get back to sleep. It's raining outside and I check the weather app if it's going to clear up anytime soon. Turns out it's going to continue rainig for atleast 3 more hours. So untill then I would just browse the internet and try to read a bit. This wouldn't last long, after a while I got tired again and fell asleep. Waking up just as the rain stopped. After brushing my teeth I packed and hit the road.

Still sleepy I went left where I should gone right and noticed about 2 kilometers later that I was going north instead of south. After my little mistake, which also involved another climb, I went back the way I came and found the right way. 15 minutes later I was back in Germany and already climbing on some dirt roads. There must have been a lot of rain, because I passed a railway that had been closed down due to a small landslide. Turns out that I wasn't allowed to ride there, from where I entered this road there was no sign to tell me it was closed off.

After a really fun ride through the woods with a couple of climbs Aachen came into view. I did not enjoy my time in Aachen, to much traffic, cycle paths that aren't clearly indicated and well it's just another big city. But I had to get through it to get onto the Vennbahn.

I would like to say that I enjoyed the first day on this road, but to be totally honest I enjoyed the first part of the day way more then I did the Vennbahn. The Vennbahn is a old railroad turned into a long cyclepath that goes through Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg. But the first day on it was rather boring. Long straight roads with hardly any view on either left or right and some town you go through. I did stop in one town to get some groceries including some raspberries.

Later that day I had to find a place to sleep, lacking energy to go to a campsite I decided to go wildcamping. Which sounds easy to do, but is really hard to do on the Vennbahn. Next to either side of this road there was a small stream of water, but a huge gap between the road and the woods. At some point I saw an opening that I was able to go through with my bicycle. I found myself in a forest that was definitly not suitable for camping. Looking around I saw a small clearing in the distance. Before going there with my bicycle I checked if it was any good. It was flat, hardly any plants and I had enough room for my tent. This would do for tonight.

I put up my tent went inside to blow up my matras, but knowing that wildcamping is illegal does make you a little nervous. I was trying to close my tent, as I was doing this something touched my side. If it wasn't for my tent I wouldv'e shot up straight into the air, this scared me so much. Longs story short it was my bag that fell over. I nearly shit myself. That evening I had an awefull night, but I wasn't suprised by that.

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