Day 5: Luxemburg

woensdag 07 juli 2021, Troisvierges, Luxemburg

What a night, I woke up just after midnight and I couldn't get back to sleep. Even though I was tired I just wasn't able to fall asleep. Maybe it was because I was nervous. After what felt like hours I finally managed to fall asleep again. Just to wake up at 6. I took my time waking up and having breakfast. After an hour I started packing and was ready to go at 7.30.

I did expect cycling to go terrible this morning, turns out I felt alright. I even managed to go faster then yesterday, although speed isn't important in this case it was a pleasant suprise. I did have to start the day with a long but subtle climb. A good way to wake up the legs I guess. The scenery wasn't to bad either, on the left I had a nice view. After the climb I was rewarded with what felt like the longest downhill ever.

Once I got into Belgium I did notice a change in the road, I'm not saying it was bad but it was not as good as in Germany. But the scenery was a lot better, no more dense forests on the left and right. I now had a more open view of the area, I was able to see rivers and the hills in the distance. Overall this part of the Vennbahn was a lot more fun. All be it more difficult aswell. It had some gravel roads with climbs on it. Downhills that were pretty scary. Let's be honest, I am not used to hills on a bicycle at all. But it was fun.

As I was getting closer to Luxemburg the climbs got tougher which I expect was because my legs started to be sore. I had to push my bicycle up some hills because I just couldn't ride up anymore. I did want make a picture of me a the Luxemburg sign, but it turns out they put that stupid sign at the middle of a 10% climb. So the picture was never taken for obvious reasons.

Once in Luxemburg I didn't have to much farther to go, so I thought. One more amazingly tough climb to finish the day. One more climb that I couldn't ride. I am not ashamed to say that I had to walk it.

My campsite is in Troisvierges, I am the first one to arrive. It's still very early, but this gives me the chance to wash some of my clothing and let it dry. Tomorrow I'm going back to my past, not sure if I look forward to it.

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