Day 6: climbing towards the past.

donderdag 08 juli 2021, Vallée de l'Ernz, Luxemburg

Once again I wake up very early, not feeling the need to pack yet I take my time to wake up properly. Around me I can already hear some people starting to pack up. Last night when I was already in my tent, somebody showed up late and turns out he had the same tent I have. He also put it right next to mine. Never seen him, he was also the first one to be gone from the campsite. I was the last one to leave this morning, I didn't mind.

I knew this day was going to be tough, but I wasn't ready for this. I left the campsite and already 2 turns later I was already climbing a hill. And it wasn't a small one, instead of cycling I had to walk. And it wasn't the last hill that I had to walk. They do know how to make brutal climbs here, it goes from 0% to 18% in less then 10 meters.

But to be honest I can't complain to much, because it is a beautifull country to ride through. Especially when you are on the hills, there are some amazing views up there. You just have to work your ass of for it. At some point I did find a way to make some climbs doable. I started to zigzag from one side of the road to the other, which makes the incline of the hill a bit lower. Yes it will take a bit longer then going straight ahead, but this way I could ride up the hill instead of walk.

After my climbs there were also some very terrifying downhills. And I'm not talking about a 4% downhill, if only it would be. No most of them were just over 10% and so scary. I don't mind going fast, but not on a fully packed bicycle. At some point I had to down a hill at 17% with some turns in it. I could cooked an egg on my disc brakes when I finally got at the end of the hill. How do I know? Well I tried to to touch the disc break to see if they were hot, the answer is yes and I'm never doing that again!

Anyway, today is supposed to be a bit of a special day you might say. My goal was to get to a campsite that we (my parents and siblings) used to go to years ago. But because of new owners we stopped going there. The ride over there was great, but now that I am here I do regret going here a bit. My memories of this place were great, I loved it here. It used to be very busy and very lovely. But it sadly enough lost all of it's charm. As I am writing this I regret coming back here.

Tomorrow I'm going back towards home, the weather forecast is terrible and I am getting sick of the rain. I have 4 more days of cycling to go. I'll visit France and Switzerland some other day.

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