Day 7: Hallschlag

zaterdag 10 juli 2021, Hallschlag, Duitsland

As I wake up the sun is out, I am glad it's time to leave this place. Being here was a bit depressing. I just have to pick up the bread that I had ordered yesterday and then I can leave. I'm still debating with myself if I should take the train home. Diekirch is close and has a train station, but I would have to go for a tough climb before that. The decision just cycle back home wins it for now. I depart for the camping just to start of with a small climb and then a nice downhill.

Germany is close, not even 30 minutes later I'm already there. I hoped that being back in Germany ment normal climbs again, well Wallendorf dissappoints. The mount I need usto climb goes up to a 13% incline and my legs are not having it. After 6 days they feel sore and I have to walk. Even trying to zigzag up wasn't working. After a while the hill is less steep and I can finally start cycling again, it might not being going fast, but it beats pushing my bicycle. I'm being rewarded with a long decent that I use to rest.

I end up in Mettendorf, a small town with the river Enz running through it. This was the start of a really nice cycling route. At somepoint there was this opening next to the river with on the other side the mountain going straight up. My brother would've loved this place when he was younger. He would build small dams. Brings back memories from when we went to Switzerland. I took a break at this spot and was still debating with myself if I should go to Bitburg and take the train there, and I am so glad I decided to push on.

This route would take me on another old railroad turned into a cyclepath. Yes I would have to go on a long climb, but it was such a good one and only at 2%. I went through small towns the one that stood out the most was Neuerberg, loads of older buildings and overall a very charming town. I can recommend to visit it. The climb ended just after Arzfeld, up to that point the weather was great, but just as I was about to start a long descent it start to rain. I'm saying rain, but in this case I mean rain in biblical proportions. I was just in time to put on my rain gear. The enter downhill it was pouring down on me. Instead of taking shelter I decided to just keep going, untill I was cold. Next to this road the put up small wooden shelters, I passed a few before I decided I had enough and wanted to take shelter like other people were doing. Little did I know that when I made that decision I had already passed the last shelter. So I just had to keep going and pretend I wasn't cold, which is pretty much undoable.

There rest of the day the weather was so unpredictable. The sky was grey and it kept raining lightly most of the day. At some point the cycle path stopped and I had to ride on the road with the cars. I was now alongside the river Prüm, this was the most forgetable part of my day. Untill I reach Reuth, I passed it and got onto a very calm road that would eventually put me on a dirt road through a forest. This didn't last long but it sure was a welcome change.

I was now very close to tonights campsite at Hallschlag, it's located at lake called Kyl. As I was passing by the first part I saw a lot of tents and big groups of people. In my mind I was already telling myself that if this is were I would have to stay I would keep cycling on untill I found something better. I was glad to see that that part wasn't were I would have to put my tent. On the other side of the site they had a field small tents like mine. As I was putting up my tent I saw dark clouds coming my way, more rain to come is what I thought. I hurried setting up my tent. I was just in time for the rain to start, it was another evening spent in my tent because of the rain.

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